Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happiness is colors, at 2:14 am

I am an expat to this reality,
relished without relinquish
by those that think
is the sole means of communication.
A raise in volume,
speaking slower,
gesturing wildly,
makes no difference
because they don't
speak my language, or care to.

So I speak theirs,
bumbling and about to burst
while my kinsman remains quiet.
He might as well be withholding
air while i'm gasping, grasping
for a gulp to fill my stifled lungs,
suffocating in his silence,
when I hear a snatch of familiar speech
and I surface,
I breathe easy,
inhaling your perfumed oxygen,
your weighty words.

He was yellow.
But you,
loose lipped
and strong jawed,
you could be ultramarine blue
deep, and warm, and I could sink into you.


  1. well worth the five months an a saturday spent wait.

  2. Lesson learned. Endings come without warning. Like a blowjob. (see how poetic I am)