Monday, May 23, 2011

My subconscious is trying to be a poet.

C is for craving
Gravity fills our breaths.

-written on the side of a building in my dream

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A chance of rain

This weather reminds me
of Cape May in June,
two years ago,
when it rained for a month straight.
The skeletons of sea creatures
still take up space
in the trunk of my Chevy.
I collected as many as my greedy hands (and feet)
could carry, as if I had found
hidden treasure at Higbee Beach.
But I lost you,
that small thing
I couldn't manage to hold onto.

Notches (03/15/2011)

I need to put
some more digits
between us.
Days, area codes,
men. But
I've already run out
of fingers
to count.

Arrangements of illusionary space on a 2 dimensional plane (03/1/ 2011)

I can't think of a worse
insult than:
you have no depth.