Friday, January 21, 2011

Broad and Cherry (1/15/11)

I don't get hit on walking to school in December, unlike the warmer months when Broad Street might as well be a batting cage, patroned by over zealous black guys, smoothy inept and trying to land a swing. Woolen layers of clothing deter potential suitors from sizing up my heaving ass as I hustle to get it to class, only ten minutes late.

Because lets face it, your "Let me get your number" after that introductory "You are so..." 1. beautiful 2. gorgeous 3. attractive or any other generic aesthetic description has nothing to do with getting me to talk, but working toward hearing me scream 1. Oh my god! 2. Fuck, yes 3. your name, before you even care to ask me my own.

Now, my mornings are only filled with slush, keeping my gloved hands warm in ripped pockets, and homeless men, who aren't exactly spitting out compliments, but are spitting out...something, who prefer instant gratification of rolled paper over sprawled digits, and I find myself preferring, yes, the thoughtless, but the said.

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